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  • Ticketmaster Voucher

    Isabella is 10 and in the fight of her life and was first diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2010 when she was 3, She completed her first lot of treatment in 2012. Isabella sadly relapsed in February 2015 receiving radiotherapy treatment this time. She relapsed again sadly in October 2015 and

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  • Merlin Annual Pass

    Emma Caldwell is 9 years old and was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was 14 months old, Emma has endured years of chemo. 3 years ago the family went to America for Proton Beam Radiotherapy. Since having Proton Beam Radiotherapy Emma’s tumour has unfortunately not reduced in size

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  • Spa Day

    Phoebe Evans was diagnosed with Leukaemia in August of this year after sitting her GCSE exams, she did very well indeed getting 3 A*’s and the rest B grades! Accomplishing this whilst she was poorly was an amazing achievement. She is currently in remission after having a lot of Chemotherapy

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  • Ryder Cup Golf Challange

    Friday the 11th May saw our first golf challenge match of the season, 20 players representing the Rae Rae Trust against 20 players from The Axe and Compass from  Heath and Reach. The morning round was a nine whole pairs challenge with The Axe and Compass coming out on top

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  • Disney On Ice

      Avalon White is your typical fun loving three year old girl except she is having the fight of her life because Avalon is currently battling Tcell lymphoblastic lymphoma. Avalon was diagnosed on the 15th September 2017 and is on the acute lymphatic leukaemia trial for treatment for 2 years

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