2 More Shopping Vouchers

At the very young age of 19 months, Bodie McNulty has been fighting Posterior Fossa Ependymoma (Brain tumour), she is currently receiving Chemotherapy and has been for the last 10 months, she has a few months to go for treatment. She has also undergone 4 Brain surgeries and will require more surgery or radiotherapy at the end of her Chemotherapy treatment.
Bodie Loves animals and Peppa Pig, she enjoys books and music and playing with her toys.
The trust have sent this brave little girl some Smyths toy vouchers so she can chose some new toys.

We also sent some vouchers to Tilly Sweet she is 8 years old and despite the age gap is incredibly close to big sister Liv 19 and they love have sisterly girly days together.
But Tilly is no ordinary 8 year old she is fighting Meddullablastoma cancer and has been since diagnosis in 2011 when aged only 23 months old. She had surgery for 13 hours which as a result has caused her weakness down the left side and blind in her left eye. She had 6 months of high dose chemotherapy and 6 weeks of focal radiation.
In 2014 aged just 4 years old she had to have further surgery lasting 7 hours this time followed by 11 months of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation.
finally January of this year she had a further 6 months of chemotherapy and is on the trial list for immunotherapy.
We at the trust thought these sisters deserved a girly shopping spree and quick smart sent them some vouchers to go have fun together.

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