2 Years Remission Blog

Hey guys, I know its been a while since I’ve blogged but I thought I’d give you an update on what life is like years down the line. After celebrating my 2 years remission with my nearest and dearest on august 21st I thought I’d do a quick little blog because I’ve always been quite good with my words so i feel as though this is the best way to give people who haven’t experienced cancer a little insight into what its like and hopefully spreads my message of finding strength and empowerment through tragedy in a good and beneficial way . So this year for me has been all about self discovery and acceptance especially of my illness. I’ve recently embraced the fact that my illness was not a weakness but rather that overcoming it was a strength , for me looking back on these two years is so empowering because it shows me how far i have come and what I’ve achieved. I used to look back and be quite embarrassed of my illness because i felt as though i didn’t get to experience the same childhood as all my friends but sadly in our society cancer is a norm for some of us and even though its a terrible thing to experience so young my illness bought me close to some of the most amazing, strong and beautiful people I’ve ever met , cancer may not have been the most desirable childhood but from it i learnt how nothing can bring me down and i been shown how truly strong i am .Along my journey i have lost friends closest to my heart to cancer. These experiences have been very hard to overcome and after surviving cancer I’ve realised sometimes it does affect you more than just physically and to all my survivors and fighters out there i want you to know you don’t always have to be okay. Currently I’ve entered a new thought process in which i believe suffering is only a state of mind and we choose to remain there , so this year I’m focusing on positivity i believe i was given the strength to fight this illness for reason and that reason is to help others and to inspire people like myself. Two years on and I’m finally starting to live again, to plan my future, to all my friends reading this if you have had cancer or are fighting the battle now, no way is this the end I want you all to keep believing because when you learn to see your struggles as opportunities you become stronger. Going into year 11 and starting my exams I’ve switched my mind-set from I cant do this too I must do this! I’m doing this for all the young people who have lost their lives to this disease because I want to live my dreams the way they unfortunately couldn’t. I believe in each and every one of you, you can and you will do this and once you do its time to achieve everything you have always thought you couldn’t. We are strong enough to fight cancer and somewhere out there even if you don’t realise someone believes in us the way we cant believe in ourselves, you are all strong enough to get to where i am now and even further. If any of you ever need advice or just someone to vent too please feel free to reach out to me because i understand what you are going through and i give my love and strength to all of you! I hope this has been inspiring in some way and wish me good luck in my exams and my journey to my 3 years remission , please leave some feedback on this blog as i am considering starting a Youtube channel to raise awareness but also hop for cancer survivors and fighters. Lots of love too everyone reading RAE xxx


  1. Karen Clarke says:

    I am so very proud of you Rae. I knew from day one you would be a warrior and not let Cancer win,you have the strength and courage to continue to fight. I also know you will do well in your GCSE’s you are a very clever young lady. Don’t ever doubt yourself you are an inspiration to myself and other’s. I can’t wait to see you in your bridesmaid dress and watch you walk down the isle you are going to look amazing,and when you do be very proud and remember how far you have come. I love you sweetheart.xxx

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