A Kamrans Ward Christmas

Presents to Give Out

So let me start from the beginning, last year on December 20th I went in to hospital for a 4 day chemotherapy yes that’s right that meant I wouldnt leave until christmas eve, another horrible thing about this certain chemo was that I had to go in the day after my make a wish trip to disney paris (at christmas time they have snow and christmas trees every where) . Whilst I was there many people came and donated food, toys and christmas games.I even got to make a mosaic fish which was really cool.Santa visited me twice that week once when he came in a helicopter with the RAF soldiers and a second time when he came with all his freinds rudolph, frosty and percy the penguin.

Rachael at the Hospital Ward

A woman came into the hospital with home made stocking donated from people as far as spain that was cool.It was on this hospital trip that I decided I wanted to make my own charity so I would be able to make this horrible experience just a little better especially at Christmas time.IMG-20151220-WA0009So on the 20th December 2015 (1 year after I went in) with 2 cars full me and my family made our way to oxford.When we arrived everything we bought with us had to go in 2 lift fulls and still we had to carry some other things up the stairs.We then entered kamrans ward filling the whole play room with toys and snacks ha imagine that !! Unfortunately we didnt get to meet any of the children as course they are all very un well but I can garuntee that these gifts bought smiles to their faces as they did mine.Especially fantasia the rainbow unicorn who me and my sister gaby grew very attached tooIMG-20151220-WA0010 I really hope that one of the children on kamrans ward is very happy with him and that he might bring a bit more joy to their Christmas. I would like to thank river island staff for donating and finding it in their hearts to help bring these children happiness during their hard times, thank you so much as others may not have been as caring.I would also like to thank the staff and parents at baby bears nursery MK for taking the time out of their lives to go and buy these new and donated toys for the children at kamrans ward.The 3rd people I would like to thank are the people at Percys BBQ for donating lots of lovely snacks and drinks for the children and parents.Last but not least I would to thank all of you for donating to the rae rae trust so we could also donate some lovely toys for the children and toys R us for helping us out when we went into their store.

Anyway thank you all for donating you may not realise but those gifts would have made those children feel like even people who may not have experienced this horrid disease or had loved ones who have suffered with it care about them, believe me sometimes cancer can be a lonely place and just a small gesture like this could change their day.The parents im sure will be very grateful for you helping to bring smiles to the childrens faces.

Thank you for reading sorry if this blog has been sappy and emotional

I hope you all had a happy and healthy Christmas and a very joyful new year

My love to all reading

Rachael Parker xx


Presents to Give Out


  1. Graham Large says:

    Well done Rachael you are a star and your charity is brilliant. Happy New Year to you and keep up the good work x

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