CBeebies Land Hotel Stay


We recently sent a brave 4 year old from Liverpool and his family to CBeebies Land for two days of fun staying in the CBeebies Hotel, Including breakfast, Burger meal and mini golf.


On the 5th of August 2016 he got sick, a trip to the Doctors and he was sent straight to hospital as he had an enlarged liver & spleen. Tests later showed he, who was 3 at the time, had leukaemia, further tests showed it was acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and his white count cells were abnormally high. His parents where told he may not make it over the weekend and he started treatment straight away, he battled hard and achieved remission. He is now in maintenance stage of treatment and he turned 4 in March but he won’t finish treatment until November 2019.
He has been through Oral Chemo, Infusion Chemo, Spinal Chemo, Lumber punctures and steroid pulses wow what a brave lad. He has missed out on so much family time so we here at the RaeRaeTrust feel they deserve this time together.
Another smile put back on little faces

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