CBeebies Land

Lacey-mae started complaining of pain in her side, her parents took her to the doctors and they said it was muscular pain. This is typically what happens when children who are eventually diagnosed with cancer go to their GP. Parents get told “oh its a growth spurt or its muscular pains. When She then started up again with crying in pain through the night, and a couple of days later the swelling just appeared on the right side of her abdomen, her parents took her to the hospital and they transferred her to a ward and did an x-ray and ultrasound and said there was a mass on the right hand side of her abdomen and they said it was a tumour. She was referred to Leeds general infirmary and they carried out blood tests did another ultrasound and a MRI and then diagnosed it as wilms tumour on her right kidney. We are waiting for a ct scan to determine what stage it is at then they are going to start treatment.
Lacey-Mae was only 7 when diagnosed and has a sibling sienna-rose who is only 10 and hating seeing her sister so sick. Lacey-Mae has now started her treatment and battle against cancer but we wanted to help the family make some magical memories so we sent them for two days a CBeebies land.
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