Chester Zoo

The beautiful Natalia is only 5 and was diagnosed with cancer (Wilms tumour stage 4) in October 2016. After 6 rounds of Chemo she had surgery to remove her left kidney then after surgery she started another 34 weeks of very strong chemotherapy and 17 days of radiotherapy. She is neutropenic so very often receives blood and platelets transfusions. Every single time after 3 days chemotherapy she has 12 gscf injections…that means so far about 150 injections. She had many delays with chemo because blood count was low…we spent a lot of time in hospital too because her temperature spiked. She finished her treatment but we are still very often in hospital because she needs some platelets and blood transfusions.
After a very difficult and hard time We at the trust think it will be nice if she can get a treat. We decided to send the family some vouchers for Chester Zoo to use when Natalia felt up to it.
If you would like to raise money for the Trust or make a donation you can do this through our website or contact us by email at help us help more families to make precious memories and put smiles on little faces.

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