Chester Zoo Family Visit

Ronnie Bardsley is 9 years old loves Days out to the zoo, Swimming, Theme parks, Camping, Lego and Games consoles. Your every day 9 year old things but Ronnie is fighting cancer, Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, to be exact.
After a week of stomach, back pain, headache and temperatures his parents took him to A&E. Initial blood tests showed a low white blood count and an infection so Doctors first thought appendicitis and that night Ronnie was taken to theatre for a laparoscopy, His appendix was fine but they found he had an enlarged spleen. Over the next few days he had X-rays and an MRI scan, After a few days he had more bloods done and his blood count was lower. The family then saw a haematologist/oncologist who transferred them to royal Manchester children’s hospital. On Friday 1st September after a bone marrow aspirate Ronnie was diagnosed with ALL and the family’s life was changed at that moment.
So far Ronnie’s had one dose of vinchristine chemo and is taking a cocktail of daily tablets including steroids.
We at the Trust decided seems they love Zoo’s there was only one thing to do Bardsley family trip to Chester Zoo on its way. We hope the family have a great day making memories and having fun.
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