Donating Hair To The Princess Trust

Donating hair to the Princess Trust and raising £375!

The lovely Rachel Russell (Ward) a nursery practitioner from Baby Bears Day Care in Milton Keynes raised a hair raising amount of money for the RaeRae trust.
Rachel had her beautiful long hair chopped off and donated to the Little Princess Trust whilst raising money for the RaeRae Trust.

The Story (by Rachel)…..
” I have recently got married and on the build up to the big day I thought quite a lot about my cousin Emily and how she would be today. During this time I made the decision to donate my hair to help make a free wig for a child through the Little Princess Trust.
I absolutely love my long hair but now I am ready to share it and give it to someone else. The Little Princess Trust ask for as close to 30 cm as possible so that’s how much I will have cut!
At the same time I would like to raise money and awareness of the Rae Rae Trust, this is an amazing charity that grants Children’s wishes or gives them a treat.

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