Forest Holidays Voucher

Jessica Pickering is 11 months old and was diagnosed at just 2 weeks old after a ‘mass’ had been found on a routine growth scan at 32 weeks pregnant. When she was born she had a large lump protruding from her back and after an MRI and biopsy the diagnosis was made. A few days later her central line was in and chemo began. Jess is now nearly 1 year old and has just finished her treatment. Thankfully the chemo worked well to the relief of her siblings Emily, Cian and Ruby and surgery was not needed. She has had her central line removed and we all hope and pray for a bright future.
It was the families wish that as a family to get a break away all together along with Jessica’s siblings for some much needed rest and relaxation along with some outdoor activities. They would love to stay in a cabin/lodge with forest holidays so we at the trust sent them a voucher to make this happen.


If you would like to raise money for the Trust or make a donation you can do this through our website or contact us by email at help us help more families to make precious memories and put smiles on little faces.

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