Gullivers Land Yearly Passes

We were contacted by Reagan’s family after we reached out to them on Twitter at the time Reagan was only 22 months old.
Her parents noticed she was limping and so took her to the hospital who said her leg was broken and she was put in a plaster cast twice.
This went on for five weeks before she was finally diagnosed with high risk stage 4 Neuroblastoma.
She has been through introductory chemotherapy and had to have surgery which is harsh to deal with at any time but at 22 months it is so brave. She has been having high dose chemotherapy and lots of other treatments so we have had to be patient for the right time to sort out her treat.
Now it is 10 months later since we received her request she is 2 years old and we were proud to give her and her family yearly passes to all 3 Gulliver’s lands in the UK. We hope they get as much use out of them making precious memories and escaping from the misery of childhood cancer from time to time to just have fun as a family.
Rae Rae Trust putting smiles on little faces

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