Henry allen family fun day

Sunday 19th July 2015

Me and my dad,steomum [Hannah] ,2 stepsisters [Danielle,Gaby] and my brother [Spencer] went to the henry allen family funday.We were invited as VIP’s by Dawn herself and we had an amazing time.As we were VIP’s we had a privite meet and greet with singer Bailey Mcconell and also a special room were we all went in which there was drinks fruit medley,cakes,crouissants and lots and lots of sweetsssss.

We went on rides met characters and had a genuinely amazing time.Dawn is so lovely and kind and at the end we had to watch her get gunged.

I hope one day we can have days like this and i hope we can put smiles on ill children’s faces.

Thank you for donating to us and supporting us so ond day we can arrange days like this.

Thanks for reading

Rachael xx

Thank you Dawn from The Henry Allen Trust

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