Lucy Rawlings – Treat West Midlands Safari Keeper For The Day

Lucy Rawlings

Lucy Rawlings is 12 years old and loves animals, Disney, Horses and Olly Murs so your typical 12 year old really except for one thing Lucy has been battling cancer bravely since 2013.

Lucy’s cancer is stage 4 metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma which was originally in her nasal cavity, sinuses, bone marrow and ribs and had to endure 18 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy which was successful and she was in remission January 2015.

But by August 2015 the cancer returned in her bone marrow, right lung and base of her spine so more treatment was needed and although she still is having radiotherapy she has fought it off again.

The sad truth is there is a high chance of a further relapse and this brave little girl deserves our help and support.

The RaeRaeTrust are delighted to say we will be making one of Lucy’s wishes come true by sending her to our good friends at West Midlands Safari park to be a keeper for the day.

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