Our Mission

Rae Rae Trust was setup to help cancer patients and their families inspired by Rachael Louise Parker in 2015.

The Rae Rae trust is one brave girls story of a battle with cancer. That in turn inspired a group of people to set up a charitable trust in her name. To help, educate and inspire other children, their families and friends in their fight.

Rachael and the trust hope that by raising awareness of children’s cancers people can be diagnosed sooner and treated earlier as a result.


We want to put smiles back on children with cancers faces be it with days out or visits to children’s wards with presents on birthdays or at Christmas  . We want to encourage friends and families to meet and exchange stories and offer each other support. We want to include siblings who can quite easily feel left out as everyone focuses on the child who is sick.


We want to educate through our supporters experiences the early warning signs of cancer so others can hopefully get an earlier diagnosis and help sooner. We want to talk to schools about what it is like being a child with cancer at school. How hard it is to continue with education through times of treatment. To educate other children that they need not be afraid of someone with cancer and the problem of teasing. We want the needs of siblings of those diagnosed monitored in schools as these often go unnoticed and behavioural changes can occur as they too struggle to come to terms with it.


We want to celebrate the successes and the tragedies to inspire other children in their fight against cancer. Plus we want to inspire you our supporters in helping us make all this possible.Who are we? We are the trustees ordinary people hoping to do extraordinary things in the fight against cancer.