MK Pride Awards Evening


In October I was up for the bravery award and the peoples choice award it was a lovely evening with amazing contestants and very deserving nominees. Congratulations to everyone who made it through nominations and an extra well done to all who one awards .

Unfortunately I did not win the bravery award but the group that won and the other child that won were very deserving and have done or are doing amazing things. I did however come in the top 3 overall for the peoples choice awards, recieving over 200 votes.

The meal was delicious and fortunately there was a lot of time for selfies ha ha!! The host Jon Moses was very funny and emotional too 😉 he was a great singer especially when singing the circle of life, from the lion king.

It was a magical evening and everyone deserved to be there , if only everyone could win awards. Thank you to everyone who helped prepare the evening it was beautiful

Thankyou for reading Rachael Parker XXX

peoples choice 2peoples choice 3


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