My Super Day Out ;)

On Saturday 27th June I was Invited out by supershoes to say thanks to me for beivouchereir promotional video. My auntie kerry and I went to John Lewis first to get our nails done I chose the colour zesty orange. The ladies were really nice and chatty and we had a lovely time.

While we were getting our nails done Sarah from super shoes came to see us and we had a chat about all my treatment and how i had won a trip to Florida we also talked about the video and my new friend from hospital as she is getting some Supershoes too.

Sarah from supershoes

Me and Sarah

Then Sarah gave me a card from all the lovely people at Supershoes it had a gift voucher for pizza express.

After our nails had been done me and my aunt went to pizza express for lunch it was hilarious we had such a good time and laughed so much people thought we were crazy.


Look at the Size of Our Lunch



  Super Nails

I would just like to thank super shoes for everything they have done for me and also dream world for giving me the amazing opportunity to go to disney florida.

remember keep smiling

Rachael xx


  1. flowers and tailor says:

    I love both.your nails, I would have.picked them colours too,just ask nicky,!! Glad u.had a fabulous time and your beautiful smile makes my.heart very warm,I’m too fighting my.own battle but I still get out and about when I can and have a laugh, keep smiling sweetheart, always thinking of you, flo xxx

    • Rachael Parker says:

      Thank you how are you feeling so far xx

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