Rachael’s Update

Hi to all readers,

So a couple of months ago I met a lovely little girl called Skylah-Mae. When I met her she was really grateful and very smiley, her whole house was filled with Disney toys so we spent some time bonding over our trips to Disney and our favourite princesses.
I hope she enjoyed her trip to Center Parcs and that she had an amazing time. Skylah you are so brave and everyone is so proud of you keep smiling princess.sklyah and rachael

Also very soon I am going on a school trip to Belgium for history. I am so excited to go and enjoy the trip and to go sightseeing. I am really looking forward to this trip actually because history is one of my favourite subjects. I’m getting excited ahhhhhhh xx

Lately I’ve been getting out a lot more with friends and family and it’s great. I really enjoy getting out the house. Me and my best friend, Nicola, have become so close once again after my year off and I’m so happy about that.

Over the last 3-4 years there have been lots of weddings in my family and we have one coming up pretty soon actually. Weddings are great for my family (on my mum’s side) as we don’t really see each other much because we live so far away from each other. We are all so excited for this wedding because it’s going to be such a beautiful day and it’s just an extra bonus that we get to see everyone for a catch up.

So excited for this beautiful day to get here

Yes, this is random and short blogs but it’s just to remind you out there keep your heads held high there is life after treatment so make the most of it


Thanks for reading
Rachael xx


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