Ryder Cup Golf Challange

Friday the 11th May saw our first golf challenge match of the season, 20 players representing the Rae Rae Trust against 20 players from The Axe and Compass from  Heath and Reach.
The morning round was a nine whole pairs challenge with The Axe and Compass coming out on top with a very impressive win of 6-1/2 to our 3-1/2 with the trusts only game winners of Steve Knibbs and Paul butcher, 5 games where halved and The Axe and Compass winning the remaining 4 games.
After a nice lunch the teams gathered out on the tee for 20 singles matches. With plenty of banter being branded about the afternoon began. Four and a half hours of golf played best of 20 matches.
As well as the singles matches there was a few individual prizes up for grabs. with nearest the pin going to lee Knibbs with a very nice shot over the water to land his ball within 20 inches of the hole, nearest the pin in two was Phil Holden who managed to hold his ball on the middle layer of the three tier green, and the longest drive going to Mike Hewitt who managed to pop in the ditch and back out again.
With all the score cards in and the counting in progress the players made their way back to The Axe and Compass for a nice bbq and some very light refreshments ,
The final score of the singles was a 10-10 draw which made the overall match score of 16-1/2 to The Axe and Compass and 13-1/2 to the Rae Rae Trust.
The playing shirts were sponsored on the day the Rae Rae Trust shirts was kindly donate by AFL HYPERSCALE , The Axe and Compass had two sponsors on their shirts with HOBAN ltd and the AXE AND COMPASS ..The trophy of the day was sponsored by Mr Paul Stallard a very big thank you to them four. And to everyone who donated prizes for the raffle or put some donations in the pots.
Also thank you to all the players who took time out to take park in our day of which made a very impressive sum £974.35 for the charity.
The next golf on the timetable is the trust open and that takes place at the windmill in Bletchley on sat 25th Aug. . . . full detail are on the web site. We are limited to 72 players so first come first served.
Once again
Thank you

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