school trip & sports day ;]

On the 9th of July i went on the aunnual school trip to chessington.

On the night of the 8th i had my freind Deonne from school over for a sleepover so we could get ready together on the day of chessington.

It was very fun one of my favourite rides was called vampire.The log flume was a bit boring though.

At lunch me and my freinds went to a restaraunt called the chicken shack where some random boy asked for my freinds number lol weirdos.

We then went to the zoo i think that was my favourite part of the whole day.

All in all it was a crazy fun day and we were all super tired.

It was a great day until on the way back home the coach broke down and we were all stuck there.

Once we got back on the road we were all chatting about what we had done that day everyone had a great day.

We were singing some random songs on the way back not very well i might add.

That night we got back so late Deonne stayed at my house again and we had mccdonalds and watched the movie white chicks.



10th July – sports day

sports day was fun even though i only go to stay for a little while as i had to leave to go to my last ever chemo.

We wrote on our faces first of all i was a cat and then my freinds wanted their names on my face so I ended up with a face saying I <3 Nicola and I <3 Deonne.

Form was fun we were all deciding what we wanted to do and they the selfie sticks came out.


Thanks for reading

All people mentioned and photographed in this blog gave permission

Rachael xx

This blog featured some of my bestfreinds would just like to say to you all thanks for letting me have you on my blog and thank you all for supporting me through this whole year.

Deonne,Violet,Nicola,Faith,Deborah,Chantal,Faye <3 , Dominika and Timothe

Love you guys

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