Smyth’s Toy Store Vouchers

Ava Le Blanc is only 5 years old and already has had the battle of her life against Grade 4 Embryonal/PNET brain tumour.
Ava was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was 2 years old. Ava endured several brain surgeries and 8 months of intensive chemotherapy together with high dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. Ava finished treatment in January 2015 and spent the next 2 years in remission however unfortunately in February this year the tumour returned. Ava had two further brain surgeries and nearly 7 weeks of whole cranio-spinal radiotherapy which will have a long term effect on Ava’s learning and development. Ava is currently recovering from her recent treatment and is under close surveillance at the hospital as despite treatment there is still some tumour remaining. The latest scan showed some shrinkage to the tumour and her parents are praying the effects of the radiotherapy continue to work and shrink the tumour further. Ava would love some vouchers for Smyth’s Toy Store so she can go shopping and we thought her and her little brother certainly deserved some joy and i am pleased to say they both managed to buy an Electric car.
We hope they bring them many hours of happiness.

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