Theo Power – Toys R Us Vouchers

6 Year old Theo Power was diagnosed in July 2015 with stage 4  Neuroblastoma, he has endured a lot of treatment to date at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, leaving behind his 3 siblings Joshua, Jayden and Gracie.

Theo has gone through 7 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell harvest, high dose chemotherapy with stem cell transplant and 14 rounds of radiotherapy, he is currently undergoing 6 months of immunotherapy which gives him a chance of 59% survival.


Theo’s dream is to be a pilot or train driver, his hopes are to one day see a great white shark!

He is also a fan of Jurassic world and the Dinosaurs and other animals, he is a typical 6 year old boy who enjoys running, climbing, bouncing on the trampoline and toys, especially helicopters, trains and planes.


We are delighted to send Theo,Joshua,Jayden and Gracie Toys R Us vouchers we hope they enjoy their shopping trip.

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