Thorpe Park Day Out

Dylan Clements is only 9 years old and all he wants is to be like his friends, not a lot to ask, but instead Dylan is fighting for his life against cancer.
After several visits to his GP over a four-month period because Dylan was having high temperatures very frequently and just wasn’t himself his parents decided to take him to A&E because his wrist looked swollen but he couldn’t remember hurting himself. He was given a blood test after his parents requesting one as they had a bad feeling after reading articles in a magazine.
In January 2015 they were told he had cancer but had to wait a few days to know what type.
Dylan was transferred to The Royal Marsden, Surrey. His Mum is disabled and her husband is her carer so she couldn’t manage to stay alone with Dylan but her husband stayed with him and her older sons and family had to help her at home. Her eldest son collapsed and they had to call an ambulance but luckily, they were told he had a severe panic attack, the stress was getting to us all. Dylan has had many stays in hospital since due to infections and had many months off school due to illness, and he misses his classmates but he’s doing well and he’s on cycle 9/12 on maintenance. Dylan is on cycle 9/12, each cycle lasts three months and within those three months he has a lumber puncher and chemotherapy administered by The Royal Marsden hospital and our local hospital. his parents give him oral chemotherapy daily.
His treatment should finish in March 2018
What a fighter and we at the trust felt he deserved his family day out to Thorpe Park, they all do

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