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Pixie-Rose Sellers is only 2 years old and is fighting Myelofibrosis & Myelodysplastic Syndrome which attacks the bone marrow and prevents it from producing healthy blood cells.She is one of Twins her sister being Presley-Pearl but also has 3 other siblings.
On Christmas Eve 2016, Her parents had to take Pixie-Rose to hospital. She was pale, bruised and lethargic, She also had blood coming from her nose. She was diagnosed with a probable infection & started on intravenous antibiotics but when her blood results came back, it became clear there was something much more serious going on. By lunchtime on Christmas Day, her care had been transferred to Ward 84 at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.
After months of clinic visits, dozens of tests and procedures, blood transfusions and numerous hospital admissions, it’s looking highly likely that she has Myelofibrosis (MF) and Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS). This means her healthy bone marrow is being replaced by fibrotic (scarred) tissue which has stopped her bone marrow from producing its own healthy blood cells. Her bones are now also being affected. Her rib cage and leg bones especially are abnormally shaped and she has increased bone density to all of her bones.
These conditions are extremely rare in young children so her parents have struggled to find a support network in the same situation as them. Because of how rare Pixies disease is, they have been enrolled to take part in two clinical studies to hopefully help future generations who may present with a similar disease. One is the 100,000 Genomes Project & the other is a study held looking at MDS in children.
They have tried several treatment options but so far nothing has worked for Pixie-Rose and the only treatment option available now will be a bone marrow transplant and her twin sister Presley-Pearl will be her bone marrow donor.
When most should be enjoying Christmas this family where have a time from Hell so we at the trust sent the kids some much needed retail therapy in the way of toy vouchers to have the time together spending them that was cruelly taken.

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