Toy Vouchers

Mollie was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia) in May 2016. She was in maintenance and due to finish treatment in July 2018. However, in January her parents were given the devastating news that the leukaemia had come back. Her only option for treatment now was a stem cell transplant. She is currently going through chemo to get her back into remission for the transplant. She will be in and out of hospital for the next few months. The transplant was due to take place mid May and she will be in isolation for about 6-8 weeks possibly longer. She and her Mum will be away from Phoebe for this time and Phoebe will not be allowed to visit Mollie.
We at the trust felt these Two brave girls needed a pick me up before they where parted so sent them toy vouchers so they could go toy shop crazy together
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