Toys R Us Vouchers

We sent a young 10 year old lad from Altrincham who got diagnosed at 2 years old with a Brain tumour after his Mother being told she was silly for taking him to thee Doctors.
He has had countless surgeries and years of chemo, he struggles with his balance and uses a wheelchair and frame to help. He also has hypermobility and PTSD and is currently being tested for ADHD and Autism, He is currently telling his Parents he wants to commit suicide and is self harming.
He is currently being seen by a lot of different people for this and he is starting to not want to leave the house and it’s really worrying us.
He unfortunately still has some of his tumour left and it’s just a waiting game. He has been through 3 full brain surgeries, 18months chemo, Physio, CAHMS, Occupational therapy and much more.
We at the Trust found out the one thing he does love is computer games so we sent him some vouchers for Toys R Us to tempt him out of the house to pick some.
If you would like to raise money for the Trust or make a donation you can do this through our website or contact us by email at help us help more families to make precious memories and put smiles on little faces.

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