Toys R Us Vouchers

Kody Yeadon is only 2 years old and is having the fight of his life and was diagnosed with ALL (Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia) on the 16th August 2017, after only attending A&E for what we believed was a dental problem, after a bone marrow test the diagnosis was confirmed.
He has had 3 cycles of chemo with a further 2 before we can be considered to be discharged from hospital, he has had 3 blood transfusions and 2 Hickman lines put in as the first one failed. The future looks positive for Kody as the consultants have no issues with his treatment at the moment.
his treatment has involved Chemotherapy every Saturday through his line, daily oral steroids, oral thrush medicine daily, pegaspargase injection in leg, laxatives daily, reflux daily, Co-Trimoxazole every weekend i mean WOW he is only 2.
He has a 6 year old sibling Kayden who never complains and who is very patient. Kody misses normal life being home with his family around him, his brother Kayden has found it hard not having his brother, mum and dad around so the support he needs will be just as important.
So we sent these Brother’s some Toys R Us vouchers so they can have fun together spending them and playing with what they bought.
If you would like to raise money for the Trust or make a donation you can do this through our website or contact us by email at help us help more families to make precious memories and put smiles on little faces.

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