Toys R Us Vouchers

Anayah is only 19 months old and was diagnosed with cancer in March 2017 with a Malignant germ cell tumour in her spine. This came as a shock to the family as it took a number of trips to the GP and resulted in admission into hospital with no one believing them that there was something medically wrong with their daughter.
Chemotherapy started within a day of diagnosis due to it spreading to her lungs. The first cycle of 6 left their daughter losing her hair and to being in ICU on breathing ventilator and having 3 operations in 5 days. Operations resulted in Anayah having parts of her small intestine and appendix removed leaving her with a stoma. The family are nearing the end of their journey were Anayah is unable to walk and whether she is able to walk in the future is unknown due to an upcoming Major operation on her spine to remove the rest of tumour.
Wow what a brave little girl it never ceases to amaze us how resilient these children are.
So due to her low immune system we at the trust sent her some Toys R Us vouchers so she could have a bit of therapy of the nice kind, Retail Therapy.

If you would like to raise money for the Trust or make a donation you can do this through our website or contact us by email at help us help more families to make precious memories and put smiles on little faces.


  1. Aamirah says:

    A thoughtful gift. One I know she will definitely enjoy spending. Thank you.x

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