Treat – Ross’s Visit to the Toy Shop

My Day with Ross

UPDATE 12/01/2016 :

We received a text from Stacey Ross’s mum on 21/12/15 to say Ross had his scan and had been given the all clear. Rae and everyone at the Trust is delighted with that great news we are so happy for Ross and all of his  family .So hopefully we will see Ross at the end of our bike ride in July and he can join in for the last bit along with other children helping us to raise money for the Trust.


A nice clear sunny autumn afternoon waiting for a 6 yr old boy named Ross and his family to treat him and his brother Owen to a shopping trip in Smyth’s Toy store. Rachael, Lee and Andy met with Ross and his family, had a quick chat and a couple of photos outside to get to know each other. Ross being a bit shy to start with began to form a bond with Rachael and started to be the happy go lucky boy his mum had described.

Ross Choosing a ToyLet’s go shopping we cried and headed off in to the store. Ross still a little unsure of us mentioned he was a games consoles fan and wanted a Dinasor game, so that became the first port of call.  All of a sudden Ross was not the shy boy that first appeared and became a happy smiling boy who had found his voice, telling us about his brother and talking about his grand parents and what toys he was going to play with at their house.

The staff at Smyth Toys let us wander around the store as we pleased but as soon as we needed help, they were on hand to assist. After collecting lots of toys we found a quiet part of the store to take some photos along with two members of staff. Now it was time to take Ross, Owen and Mum to have Ross’s favourite lunch at McDonald’s, who also made us Welcome. Lunch over we all said our goodbyes and Ross and his family headed back home. We wish Ross and his family all the best, hope he enjoys his toys and look forward to seeing them all in the near future.

A Word from Andy

We would like to give a huge thank you to all the staff at Smyth Toys and the staff at MacDonalds Elderfield Park, in helping us to make a 6yr old boy very happy. No one can describe the feelings I had inside of me today, seeing this young man who has been through so much in his short life be so happy and not have any worries of what the future may hold. Knowing that we and the supporters of RaeRae Trust have helped Ross and his family to be that little bit happier, has warmed my heart and given me a different perspective of life.

Thank you to you all for your donations and support, as without them we cannot help children like Ross.

Andy Wilson – Chairman of RaeRae Trust

A Word from Rachael

I would like to start by saying that no one deserves cancer especially the boy we met on saturday afternoon. He was so sweet and lovely and he had such great manners along with his little brother Owen. Ross is suffering from burkitts lymphoma he has been fighting for three years and here at RaeRae Trust we are honored to have been able to meet such a brave little boy. We went to Smyths Toy Store and the people were nice and helpful. Ross got Skylanders, Dino Valley and more later that day we went to McDonalds where I got my face painted Ross looked so embaressed but to be honest I did look a bit crazy. Then we took some selfies and ate our lunch and that was my day with ross 😉

Thanks for reading

Rachael Parker xx 😉

Photos from the Day with Ross

Ross at the Toy Shop


Ross & Rachael with Smyths Toy Shop Staff


Ross & Rachael Selecting Toys


Ross At McDonalds

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